Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dominic by Hazel Statham

What's his name?
Dominic Blake, Earl of Vale

Why did you pick that name?
It fitted his character exactly – in fact, he refused to be called anything else!

Give us a brief description of how he looks.
From the book:

His height and breadth of shoulder alone made him intimidating without taking in his dark, dangerously handsome countenance and mocking green eyes. Here was no fop or dandy. His dress, although cut by a master’s hand, was casual with no sign of the fripperies affected by the Macaronis. However, when occasion dictated, he was known to dress to perfection as many would attest. He had an assurance of manner brought about by matter of birth but even at an early age was widely known as a wild youth. He was well respected amongst his contemporaries who hailed him as a top rate fellow but his escapades were eyed askance by the older members of the haut ton who lamented his rakish ways.

Is there anything unusual about his appearance?
Apart from his dangerously handsome appearance, it is the eyes that captivate.

Who does he love? Why?
Although he is extremely reluctant to admit it, he loves Sophie. Her naivety and artless ways captivate him.

Tell us about his family. Are they important to him?
Although he would never confess to it, he adores his mother and has a grudging respect for his father with whom he is frequently at odds.

Where is he from?
London - 1775

Does his hometown affect his behavior, thoughts and attitude?
He is very much a man of his time with all the weaknesses and strengths of the typical Georgian man on the town.

What does he want out of life?

What's his biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't a spoiler in the story.)
He has a pupil and that pupil is a girl.

Did you write more than one story about him?
No, this is his only appearance in a novel.

How would he describe you?
I haven’t a clue – it would depend on how I treated Sophie.

By the way, do you have a picture of him that you'd like to share?
This is the one I used for inspiration

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blessedheart said...

Dominick sounds fascinating and sexy!

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