Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beast Magic by Sapphire Phelan

What's his name? Ramses.

Why did you pick that name?
Because he is an South African werelion. :D

Give us a brief description of how he looks.

In human form, he has long, thick raven black hair, aristocratic, very feline face with high cheekbones and square jaw, and golden brown eyes. He also had a sensual mouth and a nose that almost seemed cat-like as the nostrils flared, wehn taking in his heroine's scent. He has a corded neck, a pair of massive shoulders, a chest with chiseled pecs, showing a man who surely exercised with weights to be that buffed. Hairless, his golden skin gleams and shows every luscious detail of his muscles.His chest tapers into a slim waist and a flat belly of iron stomach muscles. There's ah other parts impressive too. He screamsalpha male, every mouthwatering inch of him.

In lion form he has full black mane and golden fur.

Is there anything unusual about his appearance?
Nose almost cat-like and the golden-brown eyes.

Who does he love? Why? Shana Tory. Because she is his anisa, his mate, foretold by the Dreaming.

Does this person love him?
At first, she is frightened as she has dreamed about an African lion for years and finds he is real. But the attraction is hard to fight, and she falls for him.

Tell us about his family. Are they important to him?
His family is his pride of werelions in South Africa, plus other werebeasts in the Bushveld. yes, they are, which hurts him more when some of his pride goes against him in a war.

Where is he from?
South Africa--the Bushveld.

Does his hometown affect his behavior, thoughts and attitude?
He becomes even more assured and has pride in it, letting Shana see it.

What does he want out of life?
The woman he loves, the one the Dreaming showed him that was his true mate for life and the one who will bears his children.

What's his biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't a spoiler in the story.)
He's a werelion. LOL

Did you write more than one story about him? No, there'll be a sequel, but about another character in the story, a wereleopard. Though Ramses and Shana may make an appearance in it.

How would he describe you? As the Dreaming, for I wrote the story and gave him his mate. LOL

Is there anything else about your hero that we need to know? Feel free to share. That he is caring, anf that no matter that Shana and he may be different species, he believes in their love.

Please provide your website link.

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Helen said...

Sounds like the perfect story for cat lovers ;)

Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.