Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Picker by With Terry White

What's his name? Why did you pick that name?
Paul Bowen is the main character in The Picker. The
name sounded strong, one you could remember,
a good name for a man who wants to be a star.

Give us a brief description of how he looks. Is
there anything unusual about his appearance?

Paul is not a tall man, but he has heavily muscled
hands and arms from playing music since his
childhood. He has green eyes, red hair and is very
attractive to the female sex, he has a lot of
charisma or magnetism.

Who does he love? Why?
Paul has a passion for his music not people. He is a grass-roots
player of country music, unschooled, but completely
possessed by his love for the music. He loves various
women, but stays with none until he meets Sarah, a kindred
spirit who also loves country music. She turns his life around.
Paul also loves his father, some old people he met in the
hill country of the South, and the members of his last band,
but first and foremost he loves his music.

Does this person love him?
Many people love, or think they love Paul, but he is
very self-absorbed and he only realizes how much
others love him when he looses everything.

Tell us about his family. Are they important to

Paul’s mother is a nag, she is never happy with her
son because she lost her two older boys to war. She would
keep him in the yard if she could. Paul’s father loves his
son and is proud of his abilities, but over the years he grows tired
over Paul’s irresponsible attitudes and tendency to run away
rather than face his problems.

Where is he from? Does his hometown affect his
behavior, thoughts and attitude?

Paul comes from a small town, which could be located
any where in the country. The small-town ideals seem
too confining to a boy with the nature of a dreamer. He runs
away, but always comes home.

What does he want out of life?
Paul wants to be recognized as the best singer
and songwriter in the world. Nothing else will satisfy
and his frustration drives the tale.

What's his biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't
a spoiler in the story.)

Paul can never access his deepest feelings except
through song. He keeps the world at arm’s length because
his mother abused him as a child.

Did you write more than one story about him?
I believe there are many stories about musicians and dreamers
to be told. Paul Bowen’s story in The Picker is complete.

How would he describe you?
I think Paul would see me a kindred spirit since I have been
a musician most of my life. I think he would want to be around
for a while and then he would move on.

Is there anything else about your hero that we need
to know? Feel free to share.

I think there are a lot of musicians out there who are like
Paul Bowen, I’ve met more than a few. They are driven by
their dreams, and while this is not the easiest life – what
artist’s life is? I think we have to follow our dreams, even
if the path is hard and there are many lessons that must
be learned.

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You can find Terry L. White's books at and by typing her name in the search engines. Look for Runaway Hearts, Mystick Moon, Ancient Memories, The Last Priestess, Mustard Seed, Crazy Quilt, Hang Your Head Over, Imagine, Hell or High Water and more. Terry is also a bead artist and musician.

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