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The Coming Evil by Greg Mitchell

The Coming Evil

Book One: The Strange Man

by Greg Mitchell

What's his name?

Dras (drAHz) Weldon, slacker extraordinaire.

Why did you pick that name?

I wanted something you didn’t hear everyday. Something really unique.

Give us a brief description of how he looks.

Taken from the book: “With sandy-blonde hair that could never retain a coherent shape and a face young and untouched by the rigors of the world, Dras possessed that little brother quality that women always found attractive on a simply platonic level.” Is there anything unusual about his appearance? Unusual how? He doesn’t have, like, an unsightly mole or anything.

Who does he love? Why?

Well, that’s a loaded question. In the beginning, he loves only himself. But, as the story progresses, he realizes how much he loves his best-friend-since-the-embryonic-stage, Rosalyn Myers. She’s the one that the Strange Man is after. She’s the reason Dras chooses to fight.

Does this person love him?

Yes. How much she loves him, even she doesn’t realize.

Tell us about his family. Are they important to him?

His older brother Jeff is a major player in the series. Jeff pretty much got everything right that Dras got wrong. He’s responsible, happily married, well-liked, and just a good, decent guy. Needless to say, Dras is resentful of that, feeling that his brother is living his nice, shiny life in front of him as a way to rub it in. Dras’ parents are good, hard-working folk who are forever patient with Dras and his refusal to grow up, but, again, once he starts down this road that will lead to a showdown with the Strange Man, he begins to see his family in a new light and realizes how much they mean to him. Where is he from? He was born and raised in his little town of Greensboro, but many would argue he came from Mars.

Does his hometown affect his behavior, thoughts and attitude?

Absolutely. Greensboro is the town that never changes. While this has prompted many people Dras’ age to pull up stakes and find their fortunes elsewhere, Dras really sees his town as his sanctuary. It’s familiar to him. Safe. He surmises that, as long as he stays there, change will never find him. Boy, is he wrong…

What does he want out of life?

Play video games. Read comics. Hang with Rosalyn. Avoid responsibility wherever it might rear its ugly head. What's his biggest secret? (Only share if it isn't a spoiler in the story.) He doesn’t really have a big secret. He’s pretty much lived his misspent life in front of God and everybody without shame. Well, there was that time in third grade when he flooded the girls’ bathroom, but…

Did you write more than one story about him?

I wrote a whole trilogy dealing with the one fateful choice he made to “put away childish things” and take on the forces of darkness. It’s called The Coming Evil and you should really be reading it now.

How would he describe you?

Probably as really, really mean. I’m the one who upset his peaceful existence by introducing him to the Strange Man.

The Coming Evil, Book One: The Strange Man

"Evil comes for us all...and for some of us, it's already here."

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