Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Round Table Magician by Ann Tracy Marr

What's his name?

Richard, Lord Brinston, son and heir of the Duke of Haverhorn. His nickname (used only by those close to him, at his invitation) is Brin. He is a Round Table Magician.

Why did you pick that name?

Brinston - when I first wrote his name, it sounded good. Solid English salt and pepper of the earth. Unlike other characters in my writing, once he was named, he never let me change it. It fits.

Give us a brief description of how he looks.

Brinston is the archetype of the romance hero: tall, dark and handsome, at least in Lady Martha's eyes. When she first met him, he looked like an angel, but once she realized what a pain he can be, he looked devilish. His eyes are pewter gray, turning to mist when he is sweet. Brinston can give the impression of being one very dangerous man, but he tends to keep that side of him tamped down.

Is there anything unusual about his appearance?

I can't say there is anything in his looks that would strike a passerby as distinctive other than his assurance. His unusual qualities are on the inside. Very few people meet the real Brinston.

Who does he love? Why?

Brinston loves his mother, father, sister and brother because they are supportive of him and fill his life with the love all people need. He does not love Lady Martha. No way is he going to love Martha.

Does this person love him?

His family? Of course they love Brin, austere warts and all. They can see beyond the forbidding mask he ties on for safety to the man inside who is capable of great tenderness. Martha? Poor girl, she can't help but love Brinston, even when he makes her as mad as a dowager not given deference.

Where is he from?

Brinston doesn't come from a town, like those upstart Americans with their notions of equality. He hails from a proud line of men, one of whom gave allegiance to William the Conqueror. He is a blooded aristocrat of Regency era England . He was born at Brinston Castle , one of the great estates of Britain .

Does his hometown affect his behavior, thoughts and attitude?

Since home is family, not a place, it permeates every inch of Brinston. The sterling difference between him and his father is Brinston has decided that he cannot share his life with a lover. His father was lucky; there isn't another lady in the world like the duchess. He will marry -- eventually -- but his wife will be a shallow society lady, one who does not need or want to share his inner life. He will NOT marry Lady Martha.

What does he want out of life?

Do you mean before or after Lady Martha batters him into shape?

What's his biggest secret?

He has a few secrets. First, when Brinston is undercover chasing spies and other bad guys for the government, even his name is unknown. But Brinston's biggest secret is he is a magician. Handling magic is dangerous; look how many witches, wizards and magicians have been burned at the stake throughout history and you will understand why it can't be known. He means never to reveal himself. To anyone. No way can Brinston kneel before a woman and proclaim, "I am a magician." It would give her too much power over him.

Did you write more than one story about him?

Brinston's story is Round Table Magician -- you can get the paperback at and the e-book at He does make appearances in Thwarting Magic, which is looking for publication now. I anticipate he will show up in other books as yet unwritten. I like Brin too much to lose track of him. Even if he is unwilling to peek in, Lady Martha will make him be sociable.

How would he describe you?

First, he would be snooty and proper, saying, "Yes, I met Ann Tracy Marr at Camelot." Privately, I can see him telling his friends, "Ann Tracy Marr, she is one of the dowagers to avoid at Almack's. She's got two marriageable daughters." What he won't tell a soul is that I am almost as irritating as Lady Martha. I nudge him to open up -- I urge him to admit he doesn't need or want to spend his life as an island -- I kick him in the butt and tell him he isn't going to get away with staying aloof from life. Come to think of it, Brinston probably thinks I am as irritating as Lady Martha, even if I don't throw my daughters at his head.

It was wonderful to meet him. Thank you for bringing him to meet us. By the way, do you have a picture of him that you'd like to share?

Pictures are paintings; the photograph was unknown even magically in 1814 England . All of Brinston's paintings are hanging at the Castle. If I tried to take one to give you, the duke would probably throw me in a dungeon. Lady Martha has a miniature, but sorry to say, she won't share it. It is in a locket that she wears all the time.

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